Daily Fantasy Sports Betting in US

 fantasy league

While some people join fantasy leagues that stretch out across a full season, others like to play daily fantasy leagues which give out daily or weekly cash prizes.

There are also some daily leagues where you can play for free. For instance, you can play free fantasy football on the official NFL site. On the other hand, there are daily fantasy leagues you can also put money down.

When playing daily fantasy sports, two categories stand out ‘Cash Games’ and ‘Guaranteed Prize Pools’. In cash games, if you are in the top 50% of contestants, you can win as much as double your entry fee. With the prize pools, the stakes and the payouts are higher and based on your position among the contestants at the end of play.

How to play DAILY football

The first thing you have to do is create an account with one of the daily fasntasy football league sites. Then you have to build your team. Basically, the more successful your players are on the field, the more points you will earn.

You will have a salary cap and have to fit your whole team in it. All the rules on how to play daily fantasy football will be explained to you when you create an account.

Daily Fantasy Sites

Two daily fantasy football league sites hold 95% of the fantasy football market, they are DraftKings and FanDuel.

The main sports which attract thousands of fantasy sports players daily are football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey but sports like soccer, NASCAR, golf, boxing and even sumo wrestling are also covered!  Lately, esports are also getting into the mix.

Both sites offer daily and weekly fantasy football picks


DraftKings is available to players from the US, Canada and the UK. You can access DraftKings through your browser at your PC at home or through your mobile phone.

Some games have guaranteed prize pools against thousands of other contestants, and others are head-to-head games where you play against just one other player. There are also 50/50 games where you can double your stake by ending up in the top 50% of contestants.


The FanDuel site is fast and very easy to use which makes for a great user experience. It also uses a browser based and a mobile platform.

Players can create their own contests within the FanDuel site which can involve from three up to a hundred users. Users can also set their own entry fees and prizes. While this site offers daily fantasy games for most sports including the WNBA, it doesn’t cover NCAA level football and basketball anymore.

Daily Fantasy Football

Since most NFL teams only play 17 games during the season, choosing your team is very important. Look for players with a high yard average and quarterbacks who are consistent, at both running and throwing. On any given night any player can explode with an awesome performance.

It can also pay to keep an eye on the Las Vegas predictions and their NFL betting lines. Choose players who are from a predicted high scoring matchups. Create a few lineups and spread the money wisely.

Daily Fantasy Baseball

Statistics are a major part of baseball. As such, it is very popular among fantasy sports players. During the MLB season there are baseball games every day and it requires skill to keep up with it, statistically.

There is a salary cap so you need to choose your team wisely. Follow online baseball tips and picks to help guide your decision. And you want to make sure you are well versed in reading the baseball stats. Once you get into it, start using Vegas data which can be very reliable and remember to manage your money well.

Daily Fantasy Basketball

Basketball betting is much more predictable than baseball. Like any major daily fantasy league sport, the roster is of great importance. Point guards handle the ball the most so it’s logical to always choose one of the top point guards for your team.

NBA stats are a pretty good indicator of future performance, especially advanced