Gambling Association Highlights Positive Impact Of Casino Industry

Geoff Freeman, Pres. of The American Gaming Association (AGA) recently sent a letter to top Pennsylvania lawmakers with results of a study conducted by Oxford Economics on the state’s casino industry.

The memo simultaneously touted the Commonwealth’s success in the gambling space while offering suggestions for improvement.

The research is part of the AGA’s Get To Know Gaming initiative which provides insights for states involved in gambling, taking into account commercial casinos, tribal casinos and gaming equipment manufacturers.

The report sent to PA legislators concluded the following:

  • Supports 34,000 Pennsylvania jobs
  • Generates $2.4 billion in taxes
  • Contributes $6.2 billion to Pennsylvania’s economy

While the Keystone State has only offered legalized gambling for eight years, the Commonwealth already ranks as the second highest state in terms of gaming revenue. When it comes to taxes, it does even better, collecting more from its gambling industry than any other state.

The Oxford Economics report reflects the astounding growth which the Pennsylvania gambling market has experienced. Even so, the AGA made recommendations so that the state could continue to benefit from the success of the industry without the decline seen in markets like Atlantic City.

“As we look into the future, it is important that we acknowledge that the policies that brought us to this point are likely different than those that will enable the industry to continue to thrive in the years ahead,” Freeman said somewhat cryptically. “The changing consumer and competitive landscape demands a new regulatory approach that promotes reinvestment, reinvention and innovation,” he added.