NFL Betting

NFL Betting

The National Football League (NFL) has fast become one of the leading sports to wager on across the globe, with millions of dollars gambled by bettors on Super Bowl LII alone.

As we look ahead to the 2018/19 NFL football season, is the place to be for all the latest picks and offers, along with the most up to date NFL betting lines and NFL odds, from preseason to the Super Bowl.

NFL Picks

Players looking for a helping hand in making their NFL betting picks, can use our “Expert Picks” section as a great reference point for each and every game throughout the regular season and into the play-offs.

A group of NFL experts go through each weeks set of games and give their opinion on who will win and with every prediction readily available to read, bettors will be able to spot some useful NFL stats, trends and betting patterns.

Maybe a specific expert is great at AFC picks, or perhaps another of our team has a handle on the Dallas Cowboys results. Whatever the case may be, this specialization can be a good betting strategy when making your NFL picks.

NFL Lines And Betting Odds

Although it’s too early for individual NFL betting lines or spreads to be found on match-ups for the new season, there are plenty of betting opportunities in the futures markets, with Divisional, Championship and Super Bowl odds available on many online sports betting sportsbooks.

Divisional futures odds tend to be smaller, with each division housing just four sides, so finding a life changing wager is difficult, but the standout picks include the Minnesota Vikings to win NFC North at +160, and the Houston Texans to win the AFC South at +200.

For the Championships, the New England Patriots are +275 for the AFC title, while the Los Angeles Rams at +650 look a strong pick in a tough NFC this year.

Current NFL futures odds for the 2018/19 Super Bowl LIII show the NE Patriots as +600 favourites, but these odds will shrink if the Pats get off to a good start, so timing is key. Other sides such as the Philadelphia Eagles are 8/1 and the Vikings are 10/1, but once again odds will change depending on results.

NFL Betting Offers 

NFL betting offers are plentiful online and once you’ve got the best value from a chosen sportsbook, weekly matchups can be wagered on in various ways, with spread betting a popular wager for a vast majority of bettors.

Here, the bookmakers will determine a numerical figure to represent the scoring difference between two teams, based on their relative strength. This is represented with a plus or minus, with the side attributed the minus being the favourites.

So if the spread was 3.5 points, the team with the minus score, would have to win by 4 points for the wager to win, while the team with a plus score, could lose by 3 points and still win the wager. NFL spread bets are a great way of backing the underdog to win and try to gain better value where there is a strong favourite.

Other NFL Bet Types

Other popular wagering choices include the ‘Money Line’, which simply requires bettors to pick who they believe will simply win the game.

‘Totals’ betting gives the bettor the opportunity to wager on the Total Points scored by both sides usually in the form of an Over/Under bet and live NFL betting is now often available so you can bet on the outcome of games as they happen.

But come the new season there will be hundreds of NFL betting odds and markets offering everything from ‘First Touchdown Scorer’ to a ‘Missed Field Goal’.

For those looking to wager on long term NFL picks, the Futures market allows bettors to pick bets for Divisional, Conference and Super Bowl winners, with early picks tending to offer higher odds before a first down has been made.

NFL Betting Tips

When wagering on NFL betting lines, research is key and with so much information to hand, it can be a daunting task. Stay with reputable websites such as for expert picks and news to keep you ahead of the game and give your wagers the best chance possible.

For bettors with smaller budgets, ‘Parlays’ (picking multiple teams to win) are a good opportunity to earn bigger rewards for relatively small outlays and with expert picks on hand, selecting multiple picks can give you a potential big payout.

As we are currently in the off-season, Futures markets are the main option currently available to bettors and an early wager could make a huge difference to potential winnings. It’s all about opinions, expressing yours with some front-end picks and with this in mind, below you will find a couple of NFL picks for the forthcoming season:

  • Minnesota Vikings To Win NFC North: +140
  • New England Patriots To WIn The AFC Title: +275
  • Philadelphia Eagles To Win Super Bowl LIII: +800